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What is the default password for remoting into Raspberry Pi 3 via SSH

Discussion in 'Raspberry PI' started by Jordan, Dec 28, 2016.

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    So you want to remote into your raspberry pi , good idea, very handy when setting things up and will save you plugging a keyboard into your Pi .

    First install Putty which can be downloaded from here

    Once downloaded you need to know your internal ip address for your Raspberry Pi. In this example mine is 192.168.o.16

    First open up putty and add the ip address of your Pi as shown here:


    Connection type select SSH which is port 22 then click Open

    If you have selected the correct ip address the following screen will appear, Which will ask you to login.


    login as: pi
    Password: raspberry

    When typing the password in the password is invisible.

    That is it, its as simple as that. Remeber you always need a network connection. If your having trouble, make sure your Pi is turned on and is hooked up to your network.

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