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What happened to intellicast???

Discussion in 'Android Forums' started by JAC, Jan 18, 2019.

  1. JAC

    JAC New Member

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    What happened to intellicast???

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  3. Tonys

    Tonys Guest Guest Post

    I want the standard old intellicast.com Why can't I get it?
  4. Weathered

    Weathered Guest Guest Post

    What was once a GREAT site is now utterly inferior. It appears the Intellicast site is now being run by "Weather Underground" which changed the whole look. Additionally the "Active Radar" feature that I used constantly is nothing near what it used to be. It is hard to get to, you can't choose a speed for the radar or other selections. What a shame. Another example of some Techno-maniac thinking they are improving things but actually making them worse. I'm open to change for the better - this is nothing of the sort!
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  6. Carmen Dioxide

    Carmen Dioxide Guest Guest Post

  7. Carmen Dioxide

    Carmen Dioxide Guest Guest Post

    I completely concur, but it's even worse than that. I switched from WU to Intellicast a while back, because the latter actually just states facts (& as you pointed out, was a great site for watching and predicting weather), where the former (WU) is a propaganda site, spewing out Climate BS. Now we'll have to find another site...
  8. OptionDenied

    OptionDenied Guest Guest Post

  9. OptionDenied

    OptionDenied Guest Guest Post

    Very sad. What happened? WU is a pathetic 'replacement' for Intellicast. Will the Intellicast product be picked up by a responsible company that understands users' satisfaction with an existing product. WU appears to be a work in progress at best. Shame, shame on WU.
  10. JohnC

    JohnC Guest Guest Post

    Yes, Intellicast was simple and straight to the point, no BS. No lots of fun BS pictures and no real information. Yes, change for the sake of change is never good, I guarantee it!

    Intellicast R.I.P., I moved to NOAA Gov site, it is not bad.
  11. m0d0nne11

    m0d0nne11 Guest Guest Post

    OMG whatever it is that intellicast now redirects to is just heinously awful crap!
    A classic case of, "It was working, so we fixed it!"
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