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Problem registering in Kindle app Windows 10 Phone

Discussion in 'Windows Phone Forum' started by Windows10phones, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. Windows10phones

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    Problem registering in Kindle app any ideas how this works ?

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  3. SCoop

    SCoop Guest Guest Post

    Still trying to sort this myself and Amazon don't seem to have a clue either.....
  4. Airbrushed

    Airbrushed Guest Guest Post


    After getting a new Windows Phone last year to replace a previous device, I had spent months of unsuccessful attempts to register my amazon account on the Kindle app. As is mentioned by others on several support forums I've searched, Amazon support seemed less than knowledgeable in helping. I had one agent tell me I should just buy a kindle.

    Today, while cleaning out my email spam folder, I saw several old automated emails from amazon that appear to come from the failed registration attempts.

    Basically, they said that some devices (apparently my Windows Phone is in that category) require special multi factor authentication and registration requires the use of a special one-time password. This special password was listed in those emails and nothing more than 6-digit PIN numbers.

    Tonight, I have installed the Kindle app and attempted to register it one last time. I received the unable to register error (user name or password...). I then went over to my email account, and sure enough, a brand new auto generated email has been received with the same message. I've now used the 6-digit PIN number in place of my amazon password, and the Windows Phone has registered almost immediately.

    I've now been able to download a few titles from my kindle library, and so far, it's ok.

    The contents of the email follow:


    We apologize for the difficulties you may have experienced, when attempting to register a device or app to your Amazon account.

    For security reasons, we may require a two-step authentication process when registering certain devices and software applications.

    To complete the registration of your device or app, please enter the following One Time Password within the password field on the sign in screen:
    This One Time password is time sensitive, so you need to use it within 10 minutes of receiving our email. If your One Time Password expires, please reattempt to register your device with your Amazon account password to generate another One Time Password.

    Your Amazon account password has not been modified.

    If the sign-in was not initiated by you, please reset your Amazon account password. Information on changing your account settings is available on our help pages.
    Ensuring the security of customer account information is our top priority, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    Thank you.
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