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error #268d3 ? Windows 10

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Forums' started by Windows 10, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Windows 10

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    error #268d3? anyone have any ideas how this works?

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  3. beltzbaby

    beltzbaby Guest Guest Post

    Do not fall for this....go to task manager and shut the Internet down. Then run malware! Microsoft would never make you do team viewer....than can access your computer with out it!! I have learned to run my Antivirus and malware often!!
  4. Sharkdawg

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  6. Sharkdawg

    Sharkdawg Guest Guest Post

    I called the phone number, knowing that of course it was a scam because I'm not an idiot like the people they successfully target, and I cranked up my computer speakers full blast, letting the repeating message play over and over, then turned on speakerphone on my cell and went and took a shower and did stuff around house. I would periodically hear the dude saying 'hello?' and I kept thinking how gullible these clownshoes were. It took him 34 minutes to figure it out lol. So I called back to do it again. Only three minutes for him to realize he was being messed with that time. So I called again. After doing that a couple more times they called me on a number that was one digit off from the other number I called. So I let them hear their repeating message at full volume over and over and they hung up after a minute or so. I called again. Like 30 or 40 times. Both numbers. Over and over again. I plan on doing this daily before work as a fun way to be entertained and to show them what its like to be victimized. Fortunately for them I can't actually get my hands on them or that would be their last day on this earth. I do not tolerate thieves and liars. If 10 or 20 of us did this each day I guarantee they would not be able to tolerate the harassment and would be forced to shut down or at least change their number. You people need to stop being so dumb and learn how to fight back. Stop being a bunch of thick docile sheep and get angry! Call them and either don't say or do anything and wait for them to hang up while you are washing dishes or folding laundry or taking a dump, or play the message for them to listen to like I did, or perhaps be really clever and talk with them and pretend to be too stupid to follow their instructions and just waste a bunch of their time. Continue doing this to the point of absurdity. Be relentless! Be committed! I guarantee it will have results. Fight back against thieves and liars. Let them feel your animosity and make them realize what worthless piles of uselessness they truly are. And most importantly - have some fun with it! Either use it as a cathartic release or as entertainment. And don't be terribly concerned with the pain you will be causing these subhuman fuqtards. They do in fact deserve far worse. Make THEM pay the price - not you! Good luck and have fun!
  7. mikem297

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  8. Naeb Meng

    Naeb Meng Guest Guest Post

    Hi, I fell for this scam, I called and gave full control over my computer. Then the man said it will take him 20min to figure out the problem with my computer as he ran some programs or something. In this time, I looked up the error on my phone and found out it was a scam so I completely turned off the computer and internet connection. So this happened within 5min of his downloading shit on my laptop. So I went back to my computer and deleted all the recent programs through control panel. Am I good? My laptop is working fine.
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